Republicans as Traitors?

Now I know, in this polarized nation – extreme division fostered by conservatives forces (the age-old adage of divide and conquer), forces which for two generations planned the rise of a corporate state, it is commonplace for GOP demagogues to call opponents traitors – President Obama, for example.  But…


Shutdown Looms — and Even Worse!

Let’s not equivocate. The blame for the government shutdown in a few days, and the even more dire economic shutdown by the middle of October – like global in scope – is on the shoulders of the Republicans in general and the Tea Party Republicans specifically. The mainstream media…


Cool it, Barack!

Syrian President Bashar Assad allegedly used chemical weapons against his own people, leaving a sickening sight of carnage, some 1400 innocent men, women and children dead, others twitching in neurological agony. We do not know if President Obama will feel compelled – politically, morally, or in an effort to…

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