Hot Liberals

Check out this fresh, fun and sexy Facebook Fanpage called "Hot Liberals." Keeps you up to date with great little reports from the lefty side of the fence in addition to some most excellent photo Albums. Here's what they're about... "This page is out to promote Hot Liberals who…


Yuja Wang Performs

By Jim Hoover In August of 2011 at the Hollywood Bowl, Pianist Yuja Wang, the 24-year-old Chinese soloist, struck many glorious chords on the piano, chords that Sergei Rachmaninoff composed for his first tour of the United States as a pianist in 1909. Rachmaninoff’s Third Concerto is considered by…


Perry forward, or back?

By Jim Hoover Political campaigns -- long, cumbersome, intrinsically boring, and wordy – are covered by the media and bloggers, both having the job of making money first, and if their coverage informs the public, that’s an accident. Online especially, all media, including bloggers, thrust with titillating verbal cuts…

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