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White Supremacy, Reality TV, and The African-American Woman

The history of African-American women in America is one in which there has been much joy and a lot of pain. It is not easy being a woman in this society, particularly an African-American woman because they have three strikes against them. They are women, strike one. They belong to a class that is associated with poverty and welfare, strike two. […]

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Come Away With Me

She let her mouth continue where her hands left off. My breathing changed to express the effect that she was having on me. She kissed her way down my stomach to my bellybutton and farther down.

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The Female Orgasm: From one Man’s Perspective

The clitoris is the only organ on the human body made with just one purpose: pleasure.

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Menthol Slim One-Twenty Blues: A Poetry Review on Walter Beck

Walter Beck’s poetry is not for the weak spined, new age generation who look for light at the end of every dark tunnel and believes that fairness can be doled out through the power of positive thinking. But they should read it, even if it’s force fed down their throats between their helpings of Wiccan poetry and spiritual healing books, […]

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Awaken Your Creative Spirit! Flowla

As we grow older, I think we slowly lose the connection between the body and mind. Our playful spirit is replaced by a fearful one, and we begin taking life too seriously, always wanting some Thing to do, tirelessly planning and preparing for the next Thing to do, and finding unnatural ways to de-stress as a result. Where is the […]

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Q&A With Poet James Schwartz On Being Q&A

James Schwartz is the author of The Literary Party: Growing up Gay and Amish In America, a work of poems and short stories.   His poetry can also be found in Among the Leaves: Queer Male Poets On the Mid-Western Experience, Milk and Honey Siren: A Nostrovia! Poetry Anthology and All Poetry is Prayer: A Fire Anthology.  He is currently at […]

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NATURISTS: The Taboo of Being Nude

Just imagine living the leisure life with no clothes on–golfing, swimming, and sitting at the tiki bar enjoying that margarita naked as a jaybird, a life where the phrase “no shirt, no shoes, no services” doesn’t exist.  How the hell do you play strip poker at one of these clubs?  Thought provoking, isn’t it? As a person who chooses the […]

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The Bookie’s Daughter Free Kindle Ebook Downloads for 48 hours only

The child of two incredibly miss matched parents, Heather’s father was known as ‘Big Al’ – a towering force and mathematical genius who would become Jeannette’s local bookie and notorious for making a deal with the Federal Government.

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The Homecoming Players Take On “8 the Play”

The Homecoming Players in Ithaca, New York, for which I serve as artistic director, won a slot in the national series of staged readings of Dustin Lance Black’s new documentary play, 8, which we performed on August 10. We were thrilled to be part of this program, and a fine party we had. Our plan was to raise enough money […]

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Hopping on Board

By: Daniel Minsaul Characters: Q and T SCENE ONE (Two men or women sitting at a table.) Q: Do you hate me? T: (sardonically) Yes, absolutely. Q: Don’t kid with me. I’m being serious. T: As am I. Q: Why do you hate me? T: Because you ask me questions like, ‘Do you hate me?’ Who does that? Q: That […]

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