Can Gravity Be Cancelled?

Can Gravity Be Cancelled?

We all see gravity at work when we take a step, throw something across the room, see rain fall, or leaves float to the ground. For something so common in our lives, it is still a mystery. We have two tested theories, not very recent theories at that: Newton’s from the 17th century and Einstein’s General Relativity (GR) from the early 20th century.

Contemporary science does not have a unified theory to explain gravity both at the subatomic scale and at the large scale. First of all, the Standard Model has no place for gravity; reputedly, the gravitational force is too weak for the Planck scale (10-43 compared to 1 for the strong force); therefore, the graviton as a carrier force is not included in the Standard Model, not relevant beside the strong, the weak and the electromagnetic force. The Planck scale seems to be far below any current experimental technique regarding the Standard Model.

If gravitational forces react to mass, and inversely to distance, it seems to have a peculiar relationship to dark energy’s dominance over gravity. We are talking about the fabric of space supposedly having dark energy embedded in it. If dark energy is the cosmological constant that Einstein spoke of, couldn’t we also consider it the effect of anti-graviton particles? If we had a nodding familiarity with Planck-size stuff, could we harness it and build a craft that could be rendered massless, like oft-observed performance characteristics of UFOs. Even theoretical physicist Michio Kaku has said that we need to take UFOs seriously, though in an interview, he was careful not to commit to their unequivocal existence.

In fact, the European satellite, Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics (PAMELA) found a self-renewing supply of antiprotons in the Van Allen radiation belt. If anti-protons can be manipulated, what about anti-gravitons? Anti-protons were considered a product of cosmic rays smashing atoms and held there by the earth’s magnetic field. Furthermore CERN scientists trapped anti-hydrogen atoms in a magnetic bowl for over 16 minutes, enough time to study their properties.

On a small scale we have shown that we can manipulate anti-particles by managing a form of magnetic capture and restraint, something that PAMELA discovered is naturally managed by the earth’s magnetic field in a belt of radiation. Managed antimatter is important for its energy potential in space travel, for example. The reaction of 1 kg of antimatter with 1 kg of matter would produce the equivalent of 43 megatons of TNT. Once antimatter’s mystery is unlocked, perhaps even anti-gravitons can be managed.

Advanced technologies, perhaps those possessed by a Type II “stellar” civilization, a ranking of civilization first introduced by Nikolai Kardashev in 1964, could harness the power of anti-matter for rendering a craft massless and might be used for near or beyond light-speed (the speed limit) travel, perhaps enabling it to travel without mass to distant planets. Such civilizations could be thousands or millions of years ahead of us technologically, according to Dr. Kaku. Comparatively backward and ignorant of the sub-atomic world, we are considered a Type 0 civilization, though we are making small strides in understanding messenger carriers.

Whether there are gravitons and anti-gravitons resident in the fabric of space and whether they repel one another, neutralize each other’s forces, or can couple, inducing a massless state, are all intriguing questions which theoretical physicists might ask. But with more understanding of how to utilize their interactions, perhaps the practical application of massless flight is right under our noses.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFO) reports that there are 500 reports per month of so-called UFO observations, most by responsible people worldwide who have seen objects in the sky which noiselessly hover and accelerate at unimaginable speeds, maneuvers rendering most humanoids unconscious, if not dead. Because our science says this is impossible and such reports tend to invite ridicule, serious investigation is left to mostly non-scientific organizations which investigate and monitor.

Some 5% of sightings cannot be explained. Of a host of sightings documented, notable sightings include the RAF/USAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge base sightings in December of 1980, which involved over 80 Air Force (AF) observers. An investigation by an AF security team in Rendlesham forest, near the base, revealed landing indentations and high radiation readings. Another series of sightings was identified as the “Phoenix Lights” in 1997, which caused frenzy among thousands of people near Phoenix describing a wedge-shaped craft as big as a shopping center, viewed for almost two hours. Few resources were used to trace the craft’s efficacy, and most that were used sought to prove the phenomenon as a natural occurrence.

With the threat of airlines grounding pilots and the FAA discouraging UFO reports of sightings, few pilots report such observations and few scientists participate in UFO research. Indeed timely data is lost because of this. It doesn’t mean there is no credible data that can be garnered from UFO studies. It just means that careers of observers and researchers can be damaged by pursuing such evidence, not to speak of the ridicule participants must bear.

If UFOs are real, how do they do the impossible things they do like hover and instantaneously accelerate to body-rendering speeds? If the thousands of sightings through the years are somehow real, sometime in the distant future we will unlock the secret of cancelling gravity, and maybe even conquer the light-speed limit.

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