Awaken Your Creative Spirit!  Flowla

Awaken Your Creative Spirit! Flowla

As we grow older, I think we slowly lose the connection between the body and mind. Our playful spirit is replaced by a fearful one, and we begin taking life too seriously, always wanting some Thing to do, tirelessly planning and preparing for the next Thing to do, and finding unnatural ways to de-stress as a result.

Flowla rescaledWhere is the present moment in all of this? Where is that peaceful, centered, open space where nothing is happening but a communion of body and soul? That childlike space where you are totally aware of and one with the Right Now?

I found mine in the middle of a plastic circle.

The decision to pick up a hula hoop and make it a daily activity is one of the best I have made thus far in life. This “child’s toy” has become not only my main form of “exercise” but also an integral part of my spiritual practice.

I have learned throughout my journey that this practice is so much more than just doing tricks, creating illusions to entertain people and look “cool” (although there is beauty in this). When I am inside the hoop, in that moment I am also inside of my body. My definition of “flow” is a complete awareness of how your body feels and where it wants you to move at any given moment. Flow awakens the creative spirit that can only be released by a clear, uncluttered mind. Flow is meditation.

Flowla 5Spinning in the plastic circle has taught me not to take things so seriously, reminded me that my mistakes are beautiful, encouraged my imagination and self-expression, deepened my connection to sexuality, and restored my playful nature. Don’t get me started on the physical benefits…

Watching a dancer when they are completely lost in the dance is its own form of meditation. I’ve noticed that when I see someone else in their own flow, I get lost in the dance as well and can’t take my eyes off their fluid movements. Even participating as an observer can aid in bringing you to the Here and Now. And chances are, you won’t be able to watch for long without that burning desire to pick one up and give it a go.

Flowla’s goal is to draw people into the healing space of the present moment either through pure entertainment or playing a role in their own creative journey through teaching. I want to pass my techniques on to whoever wants to learn, through online tutorials, performance videos, lessons, etc. and help as many people as possible return to the playfulness, humor, joy, and laughter that life is all about.

I invite you to awaken your creative spirit!   As you go with the flow, remember… You are the Flow!

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