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Hey Everyone! My Name is Zane, the world calls me Zee, and below is a glimpse of my past to those of your who want to know a little bit more about me: I came back from Iraq after supporting our troops for 5 years. I have black hair, brown eyes, tan skin and I suppose you could say I’m physically & mentally fit, I Have one tattoo on my lower back you can check it out on my facebook page: I'm a down-to-earth, simply guy, no fuss, no drama. People always ask me about my ethnic background and simply put “I am a Mutt "I am a mixture of British/Welch/Arabic/Turkish and South African. I know it’s crazy, but that combination has worked out pretty well for me :) I lived in many different part of the world since I was little; and from that I have learned that everyone has a brilliant unique culture. I love to learn from everyone something new. Life is like a roller-coaster. Expects the unexpected from it. Learn how to adapt to new changes and be ready for whatever life throws at ya. Live life with no regrets because everything happens for a reason and you and only you have the power to control what happens to you! I love to laugh and make others laugh, my motto in life is “Make your intention to be happy your priority” Cheers, Zee

by / on January 13, 2014 at 2:36 pm / in Philosophy, Spirituality

The Power of Positive Thinking

What is Positive Thinking?? Positive thinking is an optimistic attitude towards life-events in general. Once understood and applied correctly, positive thinking can yield amazing results on your attitude, life, and your overall experience! See the equation of life is quite simple; everything starts in our mind, then manifest into our physical life. And as simple as it may seem, people […]

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by / on January 9, 2014 at 8:53 pm / in Alternative Healing/ Holistic Medicine, Body, Health, Philosophy

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Hello Friends, Let me start by introducing myself to you, I am Zane VanBaker, I have a vast knowledge in health, psychology, coaching, Human Resources and Personal Enhancement. I am very thankful for TabooJive for giving me the chance to be part of their family and I am looking forward to bring to you nothing but the best. Today, I […]

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