From the Mouths of Babes
R.I.P Martin Richard

From the Mouths of Babes

This will not be another typical piece on the tragedy in Boston. I think the incident had a much more profound effect on me than to spend time and type space telling you what you already know. Terror is horrible, be it foreign or domestic. You also clearly understand…


This American Angst

This American Angst I suppose it began on September 11th. In fact, I know it did. It was the day I realized the whole world had changed, not just my own. A sense of vulnerability never felt in my lifetime emerged, and hasn’t left since. As a baby boomer…


No Class Warfare

“God dammed Obama.” He muttered as the pump continued to click off and on. “Son of a Bitch gas went up again, those bastard Muslim friends of his get richer!”

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Sanitized for your Protection

Sanitized For Your Protection There are miniature bottles of shampoo, lotions and miniature soap. The Bad towels, starched and scratchy, hang the same way everywhere in the country. Desktop note pads and tabletop advertisements of local interests, sights and historical tidbit’s that bore me still. Well-appointed rooms with marble…

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