Taboo Jive Writing Contest Winners — September 2, 2012 at 3:52 pm

A Walk Through the Wolf Woods


By, The Messenger in Blue

The path sits before me, so plain and wide
I warily move on with the moon as my guide
The eyes of the night are vigilant guards
For their numbers seem even with that of the stars

Aside from the wind, the Wolfwood is still
Devoid of their songs, both beautiful and shrill
They dislike my presence with no anger shown
So I give them no reason to make themselves known

I feel them around me as I steadily grow blind
I hear their padded feet as they close in behind
I mean no harm as I journey ahead
But had it been otherwise, I would already be dead

I am always watched when I travel their lands
I keep to the path, I follow their commands
For these woods are theirs and have been so long
And they will still be theirs even after I’m gone

The end of my walk comes close to my sight
A black wooden bridge that’s as dark as the night
Guarded as always though I tend to forget it
There waits their leader, a beast called Old Spirit

Ragged with age but still noble and bold
The wolf makes his bedding at the bridges threshold
There’s no other way, I have no choice but to pass
And always he looks up and will softly ask

“Why do you return to our forested lands?
Why do you brave disturbing our clans?
What is it you know that sets you apart?
What human morals do you keep in your heart?”

”You are not ours and you don’t try to pretend
So with every visit you could meet your end
But you don’t flee like the others when you hear the wolf’s cry
So answer me human! I ask only why”

I look aside quietly, I can’t hold his stare
I form my words swiftly but still with great care
He could loath my answer but I still will not lie
Only with the truth can I safely get by

”The Wolfwood is yours, as plain as the name
And like you, so fierce that no man can tame
I come for the wood to tend to my fire
To leave not a trace is my hearts true desire”

”Only foolish men poach upon natures claim
Taking and giving none back in the same
My visits are short I take only my need
Praying that none take offence to my deed”

He ponders my words behind those gray eyes
And then with a groan he will steadily rise
Leaving the bridge open for my long journey home
And from here to my doorstep, I now walk alone

As always, he reminds me as my feet meet the ground
Though I never will see him should I ever turn around
”We could someday kill you when you least suspect
But the truth in your oath is why you hold my respect”

”I wish you well for your wisdom and truth
To see a virtuous human, I am glad to find proof
Remember your words and your promise to me
Now go your own path and blessed be”


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