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A New Generation is Coming To Power: Generation WE


The largest Voting Generational Block in the country – surpassing the Baby Boomers are ‘The Millennials’ a.k.a Generation WE, born between 1978 and 2000 at 95 million people compared to 78 million Baby Boomers.

Generation WE is the first generation to inherent a nation in decline.

To give you a better sense of them and their mission — The following is a clip from ‘The WE Declaration’…

Protect Our Civil Rights and Restore Human Decency.

“To sustain our democracy, we must protect our rights to privacy and freedoms of speech, inquiry, and petition. We must reverse the deterioration of a free press and unbiased media and ensure the survival of an unfettered Internet. We must stamp out governmental graft and pandering to special interests, and we must restore honor and transparency to business and politics.”

We must vigorously pursue this agenda for the greater good and peacefully transform our government to once again reflect the values of our Founders. Together, we can cause our Nation to be managed for the long term, preserving our planet, security, rights, well-being, health, and opportunity.

We believe that we can innovate ourselves out of the mess we are in and create the greatest society in history. We must create a culture of plentitude rather than plundering, contention, and conflict. We must create a future where our birthright is restored, and we create a legacy for our descendants.

This We Declaration is a call to action. It is the beginning of our heroic movement to restore our future, save our nation, and preserve our planet. We call upon the sincere youth, the fair-minded, and the legacy bearers to join our movement. We will succeed in our cause, because right always prevails over wrong.”

See full Declaration here —> The WE Declaration

The Millennials are determined to make real change for our ever progressing country. They believe they can restore the ‘American Dream.’ Learn more about them in this four minute video…

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