• Five in Robes

    Five in Robes

    In poetry, this is the story of the right wing takeover of the Supreme Court, aided by the consent of the Senate. Supreme Court rulings, in effect, appointed George W. Bush president in 2000 over Al Gore. It later reduced individual rights and enhanced those of large corporations. The five right-wing justices opened the door for money to buy elections, [...]

  • A Youth Movement Against Homophobia: Get REAL

    A Youth Movement Against Homophobia: Get REAL

    Dear readers of TabooJive, It is my pleasure to re-introduce Get REAL! (TabooJive featured a previous project of ours on their page a few years back) We are a Canadian non-profit and our mission is to empower university and college students across the country to speak to high school and middle school students about unlearning homophobia and embracing everyone, regardless [...]

  • The Female Orgasm: From one Man’s Perspective

    The Female Orgasm: From one Man’s Perspective

    The clitoris is the only organ on the human body made with just one purpose: pleasure.

  • Lizzy the Lezzy

    Lizzy the Lezzy

    Originally created by Ruth Selwyn in 2006, Lizzy the Lezzy is an animated, stand-up comedian who entertains “muff munchers,” educates followers, and calls out homophobia from around the world. Utilizing humor to attract a majority of Lizzy’s audience, the creators have put together an entire archive of videos, each one with a different theme, for followers and fans to watch [...]

  • Chris Christie: Costing Taxpayers?

    Chris Christie: Costing Taxpayers?

    New Jersey (NJ) taxpayers will be happy to hear that they spent over $1 million to clear their governor, Chris Christie of any Bridgegate wrongdoing – well, sort of. It did not involve the real-life investigations — the Justice Department or the NJ lawmaker, both of which are just starting. About 3 months ago, Christie hired lawyers to defend himself, [...]

  • MH370: The Story Told!

    MH370: The Story Told!

    In our media world there are varying combinations of the responsible and irresponsible news sources. The mix can involve communicating an agenda, dispensing spectacle, and/or relaying information. Fox has a steady following of polarized viewers, whose appetite seems to be maintained through Fox’s incendiary tools of attack against anything progressive, often suggesting conspiracy, scandal, and/or subterfuge. The dearth of information [...]

  • The Light That Burns: Night-time Illumination and Melatonin Suppression

    The Light That Burns: Night-time Illumination and Melatonin Suppression

    Darkness is good for us; it is an ally that heals us. It is something to be embraced, not feared. From Palaeolithic times, up until very recently, the only major sources of light we would have experienced once the sun went down would have been starlight, moonlight and firelight. Life on this planet has evolved for three and a half [...]

  • Saving the World: The Systematic Enablers of Climate Change

    Saving the World: The Systematic Enablers of Climate Change

    Obamacare, Income Inequality, and the National Debt are the biggest U.S. political issues of today. However, no one has put much emphasis on climate change’s record pace. Bringing about natural disasters and increasing temperatures, the human race stares extinction in the face yet it barely cracks the top 10 political issues list. In addition to impending doom, global warming can [...]

  • O’Reilly’s Love Fest

    O’Reilly’s Love Fest

    I would wonder if even the most stricken Bill O’Reilly fans could stomach the narcissistic love fest Bill engaged in after his interview with President Obama on Super Bowl weekend. Even Steven Colbert’s excellent parody couldn’t equal real life – that is if you aren’t blinded by decades of odious self-idolatry on decades of O’Reilly’s shows. The pity is that [...]